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Re: [Condor-users] better-analyze not available?

The -dynamic versions are dynamically linked against glibc, whereas the non -dynamic versions should be statically linked against everything (including glibc, which is one of the reasons it's so large).


Ian Stokes-Rees wrote:

Robert Rati wrote:
Actually, the problem comes in during the build, so if you build on a
RHEL5/Centos5 system then the resulting build won't have the
better-analyze option available.  However, if you install a pre-built
RHEL3 version of condor you should be have it available.  The pre-built
condor binaries contain all dependencies needed to run condor, so they
can really be run on just about any Linux distribution/version.
I'm not sure this is true, as I've just attempted it and this resulted in:

[root@abitibi sbin]# ./condor_master
connect: Permission denied
ERROR "gethostname failed, errno = 25" at line 263 in file my_hostname.C

Of course, I may have selected the wrong RHEL3 version from the download page, as there are 5 to choose from:


I opted for the dynamic library tar.gz file. I'll try again with the (presumably static) library, but it is 230 MB so will take a bit to download.


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