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Re: [Condor-users] Problems submitting jobs from windows to Linux and vice versa

Thank you for your response, we did try your suggestion and it partially worked. Being more specific, we are in the process of submitting a few test jobs to our condor pool and are having a few errors.  Here is the configuration:
*	Three Windows XP machines running condor - installed c:\condor
*	Two LINUX machines running condor - installed \9\condor and \condor

We can submit jobs from both platforms, but jobs run local and are not submitted to the condor pool for processing.  Condor_status shows processors being matched and claimed but the confirmation e-mails show that is only running on the computer were the jobs are submitted.

We want to deploy condor jobs across multiple platforms, but the file system structure will be different.  i.e. Condor installed in different directories.

Is there a path variable you can add to the description file or config file to take into account different directory structures?

Thank you in advance.

Alex Alas
Systems Administrator
Fugro EarthData Inc.
Tel. 301-948-8550 x219 Fax 301-963-2064 E-mail: aalas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
7320 Executive Way, Frederick, MD  21704
Website: http://www.earthdata.com

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Alex Alas wrote:
> To All -
> We are new to Condor and have installed the client on three (3) Windows 
> XP machines and one (1) Linux machine.  When we run CONDOR_STATUS from 
> either platform, we see all the computers in our condor pool listed.  We 
> have created sample jobs to run on each platform as well.  The jobs 
> submitted from a windows client only run on the windows machines that 
> have condor.  The same is true on Linux. The job submitted from a Linux 
> client only run on the Linux machines that have condor. 
> It is our understanding that you can submit a job to the pool, 
> regardless of the OS platform.  Any assistance is appreciated.

Did you try/follow the advice in the Condor Manual, specifically the 
section "Heterogeneous Submit: Execution on Differing Architectures" ? 
URL link to this info is

hope this helps,

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