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Re: [Condor-users] Problems submitting jobs from windows to Linux and vice versa

Alex Alas wrote:
We can submit jobs from both platforms, but jobs run local and are
not submitted to the condor pool for processing.  Condor_status shows
processors being matched and claimed but the confirmation e-mails
show that is only running on the computer were the jobs are

We want to deploy condor jobs across multiple platforms, but the file
system structure will be different.  i.e. Condor installed in
different directories.

Is there a path variable you can add to the description file or
config file to take into account different directory structures?

Not sure I understand your specific issue, so I'll just type for a bit and discuss some solutions. If I stumble across your problem and answer it, great, if not, please ask more specifically (with an example). :).

So it doesn't matter so much where the Condor binaries are installed. What matters is if there is a shared file system between the nodes in your pool or not.

If you DO have a shared file system, and you want Condor to use it, then all machines should be configured with the same FILESYSTEM_DOMAIN setting, e.g. in condor_config put
  FILESYSTEM_DOMAIN = earthdata.com.
You could enter a command like
  condor_status -format "%s\t" Name -format "%s\n" FileSystemDomain
to see all the machines in your pool and what they are reporting as their file system domain. If you submit a job telling Condor you want a shared file system, the Condor will only run your job on a machine where the submit file system domain == the execute file system domain. This may explain why your jobs only run on the submission machine.

Now, lets say that your Windows machines are all on a shared network filesystem, and all your Linux machines also share a _different_ network filesystem. For instance, all your Win32 boxes mount network drives off some NT server, and all your Linux boxes mount some NFS servers. In this case, you'd want to put into condor_config on your Win32 boxes something like:
   FILESYSTEM_DOMAIN = windows.earthdata.com
and your linux boxes have in condor_config:
   FILESYSTEM_DOMAIN = linux.earthdata.com

You can specify a FileSystemDomain in the Requirements section of your submit description file.

If you DON'T have a shared filesystem, you can ask Condor to move the files are for you. The uninspired name for this in Condor-lingo is "Condor's File Transfer Mechanism".

For more info and examples, see sections 2.5.3 and 2.5.4 of the Condor Manual - a URL is

Or perhaps you want the job to have a different initial working directory based upon where it lands? Or ?