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Re: [Condor-users] Problems submitting jobs from windows to Linux and vice versa

Alex Alas wrote:

To All –

We are new to Condor and have installed the client on three (3) Windows XP machines and one (1) Linux machine. When we run CONDOR_STATUS from either platform, we see all the computers in our condor pool listed. We have created sample jobs to run on each platform as well. The jobs submitted from a windows client only run on the windows machines that have condor. The same is true on Linux. The job submitted from a Linux client only run on the Linux machines that have condor. It is our understanding that you can submit a job to the pool, regardless of the OS platform. Any assistance is appreciated.

Did you try/follow the advice in the Condor Manual, specifically the section "Heterogeneous Submit: Execution on Differing Architectures" ? URL link to this info is


hope this helps,