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Re: [Condor-users] how download condor-7.2.0-linux-x86-debian40.tar.gz with command line?

Since the most common use case here seems to be:

1) admin downloads one copy to NFS
2) every other machine in the network downloads that copy over (hopefully) faster LAN

I could see how the developers would think jumping hoops to download would be easy to bear. For the admins who prefer to download every copy from the web, this must be intensely painful.

I'd consider the long download times to be a good reason to grab one copy for your LAN and share it, and then the hoops will not be very grating.

Quoting Ján Sáreník <jsarenik@xxxxxxxxxx>:

On Mon, Apr 06, 2009 at 09:08:18AM -0700, Jameson Rollins wrote:
Why can't this just be done by looking at the http server logs?  Any
http server will log the IP addresses of visitors to a url.  There's
really no reason to have users jump through this hoop, if the reason
really is just to know how many users downloaded during a certain
period.  If this really is the only reason, then I implore Condor to
do away with this download hurdle.  It is a real burden to
administrators.  I have honestly assumed that it actually *was* for
nefarious purposes, since it effectively diminishes the freedom of the


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