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Re: [Condor-users] Having Condor start in the unclaimed state

> I run condor in a Windows computer lab that by politcal policy is
> rebooted every night to install Windows updates.  My question
> is about
> Condor Owner mode.  Is there any way to get Condor to start in the
> unclaimed state while still keeping the same semantics as the default
> UWCS_* policy otherwise?  Or.....  Is there a way to change
> the node's
> state and force the unclaimed state once?  This way, I could start
> Condor and then force the state if the reboot was due to the nightly
> scheduled task.

Machines always start in the Unclaimed state. They evaluate their state
against their configuration and then either stay Unclaimed (and begin to
participate in matchmaking) or move to the Owner state. Do you mean the
Owner state?

You can set a machine to the Owner state by setting:

        START = False

You can use condor_config_val to make this a temporary setting that gets
wiped when the machine reboots:

        condor_config_val -startd -rset "START = False"

Or you can make it a persistent setting and then revert to the config
file setting at your leisure:

        condor_config_val -startd -set "START = False"
        condor_config_val -startd -unset "START"



for more details.

- Ian

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