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Re: [Condor-users] Having Condor start in the unclaimed state

On Apr 28, 2009, at 7:39 AM, Ian Chesal wrote:

I run condor in a Windows computer lab that by politcal policy is
rebooted every night to install Windows updates.  My question
is about
Condor Owner mode.  Is there any way to get Condor to start in the
unclaimed state while still keeping the same semantics as the default
UWCS_* policy otherwise?  Or.....  Is there a way to change
the node's
state and force the unclaimed state once?  This way, I could start
Condor and then force the state if the reboot was due to the nightly
scheduled task.

Machines always start in the Unclaimed state. They evaluate their state against their configuration and then either stay Unclaimed (and begin to participate in matchmaking) or move to the Owner state. Do you mean the
Owner state?

I think he's observing the same behavior I see under Linux, which is machines immediately going into the Owner state after Condor loads. I suspect this is because the CPU load is high during the boot process. I also see this when coming out of hibernation -- Condor briefly sees a load average of 1.0, which causes it to put both slots into Owner status. The upshot is a newly booted machine won't accept any jobs for about five minutes, the amount of time it takes for the machine to settle back into the Unclaimed state.

I'm not sure how to work around this without completely disabling CPU load monitoring.


David Brodbeck
System Administrator, Linguistics
University of Washington