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Re: [Condor-users] Having Condor start in the unclaimed state

> I think he's observing the same behavior I see under Linux, which is
> machines immediately going into the Owner state after Condor
> loads.  I
> suspect this is because the CPU load is high during the boot
> process.

Ahhh...I see. I completely mis-read his question then!

> I also see this when coming out of hibernation -- Condor
> briefly sees
> a load average of 1.0, which causes it to put both slots into Owner
> status.  The upshot is a newly booted machine won't accept any jobs
> for about five minutes, the amount of time it takes for the
> machine to
> settle back into the Unclaimed state.
> I'm not sure how to work around this without completely
> disabling CPU
> load monitoring.

The only other option that flits to mind is a Startd cron job that runs
on always on startup and altera START for you. So you have:

START = False

In your config files, and the Startd cron job does extra-Condor
processing to figure out if START should be made something else (True or
something more complicated).

- Ian

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