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[Condor-users] How good are user priorities obeyed?

Hi all,

a brief question which were answered in the past but I wanted to confirm
if the old answers are still valid for 7.2.x (or my understanding of the
old answers are wrong ;)):

On our cluster we currently have two users competing for resources.
User A has an effective prio of 13,802.65 and user B of 120,333.95.
Assume we had 1000 slots which are currently occupied 500:500 by these
two users and both have idle jobs in the queue.

In the past I believe it was true (and current observation seems to
support this) that the user priority does not have much of an influence
since user B is still getting jobs onto the cluster at roughly the rate
as her jobs finishes. Is that (still) the expected behavior?

What could we do about a users submitting dummy jobs to keep his/her
share of the cluster until the production codes are ready? Please assume
that we cannot use eviction since we have a nice mix of vanilla and
standard universe users.

Thanks for insights