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Re: [Condor-users] How good are user priorities obeyed?

Hi David,

David Anderson schrieb:
> I believe CLAIM_WORKLIFE configuration will control that.    It limits
> how long a claim can be kept active.   If the claim worklife expires
> them condor goes through another negotiation cycle to decide who gets
> the claim.    I generally set it to around 15-30 minutes and it seems to
> work well.   So for 15-30 minutes there can be as many jobs run by a
> particular user as they want with their claims but after that time when
> their job finishes a negiotiation for that slot will come up and based
> on their priority they might win it back or they might loose it.
> We didnt have malicious problems with that but we had multiple groups of
> researchers using a dedicated cluster that were constantly submitting
> jobs during deadlines and whichever one got there first ended up having
> their jobs run while others jobs starved and the CLAIM_WORKLIFE setting
> really fixed that problem well.   The default if it isnt defined is
> infinate.

I just checked and we have not set this (or to put it better: it's set
to a not set variable/macro).

I'll play with that and see how we will fare.

Thanks for pointing that out.