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Re: [Condor-users] Suggestion for change in behaviour for windows Requirements. Was :RE: Problem Submitting Jobs in windows

On Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 03:15:41PM -0000, Matt Hope wrote:
> I would suggest that, based on the number of times this is asked, the
> number of times a job is dependent on a specific version of windows
> (heck the number of times it is dependent even on a _minimum_ version of
> windows) that this automatic behaviour on windows is NOT a good default.
> I suggest that all supported platforms gain a new Attrbute OpSysFamily 
> For all currently supproted windows releases this would simply be WINNT
> (vista hasn't changed enough to merit a distinction, windows 7 certainly
> doesn't).
> The default behaviour for the Requirements should be that:
> If OpSys is specified anywhere in the requirements 
>     do not nothing 
> Else If OpSysFamily is specified anywhere in the requirements
>     do nothing
> Else If OpSysFamily is defined in the config 
>     add '&& (OpSysFamily == "$OpSysFamily")' to the requirements
> Else 
>     current behaviour i.e. add '&& (OpSys == "$OpSys")'

A quick and dirty way of accomplishing this would be to add:

APPEND_REQ_VANILLA = (OpSys =!= UNDEFINED) && (TARGET.CondorPlatform =?= "$CondorPlatform: INTEL-WINNT50 $")

To the condor_config of your machines that submit jobs to Windows.

This will prevent Condor from adding a constraint on "OpSys" and run
your jobs on any machine with the Windows version of Condor (they all
seem to have the same string for "CondorPlatform").

I realize this isn't a generic solution, but the "OpSysFamily" would
need to be thought out better in regards to how to support machines
that submit to both Windows and Linux (and other unix flavors).

Daniel K. Forrest		Space Science and
dan.forrest@xxxxxxxxxxxxx	Engineering Center
(608) 890 - 0558		University of Wisconsin, Madison