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Re: [Condor-users] I have 4 jobs being held in the queue andnothing is running because of that

> WARNING:  Be advised:
>   No resources matched request's constraints
>  Check the Requirements expression below:
> Requirements = (OpSys == "WINNT52" || OpSys == "WINNT51") && (Arch ==
> "INTEL") &
> & (Disk >= DiskUsage) && ((Memory * 1024) >= ImageSize) &&
> (HasFileTransfer) &&
> (HasWindowsRunAsOwner && (LocalCredd =?= "Mann.earthdata.com"))

> Is there another way to resubmit that job. I really don't get why is
> rejecting the job due to the requirements if the other jobs previous
> this one were able to run just fine?

There are no machines in your pool that match that job's requirements.
Maybe after the power outage the machine(s) that were previously
matching this requirement didn't come back up? You can search for
machines that match thing requirement by doing:

condor_status -const '(OpSys == "WINNT52" || OpSys == "WINNT51") &&
(Arch ==  "INTEL") && (Disk >= DiskUsage) && ((Memory * 1024) >=
ImageSize) && (HasFileTransfer) && (HasWindowsRunAsOwner && (LocalCredd
=?= "Mann.earthdata.com"))'

You need to look up what DiskUsage and what ImageSize are for your job
and substitute the actual value into that constraint string before you
do the call though.

If that call returns nothing you've got no matching machines.

You can also try the -better-analyze option -- it'll break down the
requirements string and show you precisely which component is keeping
you from matching any machines with your jobs. Only works on Linux

Hope that helps!

- Ian

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