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Re: [Condor-users] "[?????]" in 'condor_status -state' output...bug?

Ian explained the underlying reasons so I'll cover some hints as to *why*. I find that most relate to the starter being unable to start or it running through jobs so quickly (say if your jobs have little to transfer and die instantly) that the values never get around to being valid.

Common reasons also include: being on windows and not having run condor_store_cred after changing your password or your machine being in a state where it cannot launch new processes (ran out of handles for example)

hope that helps

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Why are there [?????] in the output of:

$ consor_status -state

Name       Cpu Memor LoadAv  KbdIdle    State     StateTime  Acti ActvtyTime  

slot1@SP_1   1  1023 0.020   0+00:00:00 Owner   [?????] Idle [?????]
slot2@SP_1   1  1023 0.000   0+00:00:00 Owner   [?????] Idle [?????]
virtual-pc        1   511 0.110   0+00:00:00 Owner     0+00:00:04 Idle   0+00:00:04

                     Total Owner Unclaimed Claimed Preempting Matched Backfill

                Idle     3     3         0       0          0       0        0

               Total     3     3         0       0          0       0        0

Is this a output-format bug?


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