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Re: [Condor-users] condor_status hostname : why can't I use IPnumber instead of hostname?

> Now in my case all public library PCs typically have this
> type of configuration
> (from the 'ipconfig /all' output):
>   Host Name.... : pm37
>   Primary Dns Suffix...:
>   Node Type...: Unknown
>   IP Routing Enabled...: No
>   WINS Proxy Enabled....: No

What does this look like for your pm10 multi-core machine?

> Given two Windows pool PCs with similar network
> configurations like above;
> one is multi core (hostname: pm10), the other single core
> (hostname: pm37).
> Then condor_status can easily resolve the dual core PC when I add the
> "slot<n>@" to the hostname. Condor_status then miraculously
> finds the PC
> without a glitch:  "condor_status slot1@pm10" works just great!
> The single core PC does not have a "slot<n>@" in its name;
> then condor_status
> cannot find this PC: "condor_status pm37" fails with "unknown
> host pm37"


> I found a workaround:
> add an entry   "  pm37" into the /etc/hosts of my
> Linux master PC.
> But I consider this a bad solution.

This all smacks of pm10 being properly configured for DNS resolution and
pm37 being mis-configured. And yes, that's a lousy solution.

> I think condor_status should behave the same for multi and
> single core PCs.

If DNS is setup properly: it does.

> It's very annoying that it only works for multi core PCs,
> because they accidentally
> have the "slot<n>@" in their names....

Doubtful this is a bug. Lets see if pm10 and pm37 are really configured
the same way. From your condor collector can you resolve both machines
both ways?

For example, in my pool:

> nslookup pg-sw143

Name:   pg-sw143.altera.priv.altera.com

> nslookup
Address:     name = pg-sw143.altera.com.     name = pg-sw143.altera.priv.altera.com.

You can see that my Windows machine has two names associated with it.
The ".altera.priv" is from some silly Windows nameserver thing. The
".altera.com" one make sure I can do shortname lookups in my pools where
the DEFAULT_DOMAIN_NAME= "altera.com".

And ahat does this command output for your pm37 and pm10 machines:

        condor_status -f "%s\n" machine

As you can see, just the hostname works a-okay in my pools for
single-slot, Windows machines:

> condor_status -const "TotalSlots ==1"

Name               OpSys      Arch   State     Activity LoadAv Mem

pg-abc             LINUX      X86_64 Owner     Idle     0.320  7857
pg-negotiator.alte LINUX      X86_64 Owner     Idle     0.410  7857
pg-schedd1.altera. LINUX      X86_64 Owner     Idle     0.270  7857
pg-sw143.altera.pr WINNT52    INTEL  Owner     Idle     0.110  8125
pg-sw160.altera.pr WINNT52    INTEL  Claimed   Retiring 0.330  8125

                     Total Owner Claimed Unclaimed Matched Preempting

       INTEL/WINNT52     2     1       1         0       0          0
        X86_64/LINUX     3     3       0         0       0          0

               Total     5     4       1         0       0          0

> condor_status pg-sw143

Name               OpSys      Arch   State     Activity LoadAv Mem

pg-sw143.altera.pr WINNT52    INTEL  Owner     Idle     0.030  8125

                     Total Owner Claimed Unclaimed Matched Preempting

       INTEL/WINNT52     1     1       0         0       0          0

               Total     1     1       0         0       0          0

> May I qualify this as buggy behaviour of condor_status?

I don't think so. But I don't work for the U. Wisc. :) Up to them.

- Ian

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