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Re: [Condor-users] [Solved] Windows XP at boot: sync problem between VMserver and condor services!?!


I'm sorry, but the original solution still did not work for me.
However, I have now figured it out how to make it work,
thanks to the recent suggestions here on this list.

When I make the Condor service depend on vmx86, Condor still starts too early,
then the  GAPH trial to connect to VMware server ends with an error, and no VM
server is available on this Condor pool PC.
Same problem when I make Condor depend on VMAuthdService.

However, when I make Condor service depend on vmserverdWin32

  sc config Condor depend= vmserverdWin32

it all works fine!

Please keep in mind:
I have very little knowledge about the internals of Windows and VMware server.
Does every VMware installation have a "vmserverdWin32" service?
Maybe not....then an expert may have a better solution....

Anyway, a VMware service should be used here, which starts *late enough* in
the VMware services sequence, so that Condor can successfully can connect to it.


Another note that might be worth putting in the manual:
One can check the success/failure connection to VMware server by setting a
GAPH log file and check its content after reboot.
The file shows you errors when Condor fails to connect to the VMware server.
It took me also a while to figure this out!!

And another while to link my problem to the Windows start services sequence.


On the other hand and much better:
in stead of heavily documenting this in the manual, a more permanent solution
would be better; e.g. if VM_FOOBAR macros are set and the initial connection to
the VM server fails, then Condor should keep trying every now and then to reconnect
(as suggested by Matthew Farrellee earlier in this thread).
An initial failure at boot up will then be fixed by the next GAHP trial to find theVM server....

Of course this requires a patch to the Condor source code.


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> I wonder if this piece of information could find its way into the condor
> manual;
> maybe section 3.14 on VM.
> Had it already been there, would have saved me a lot of time!

I've made a note to add it to the installer (to create the dependency)
and, as you suggest, I'll make a further note to add it to the manual, for
those who don't use the installer or install VMware after Condor.


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