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Re: [Condor-users] [Solved] Windows XP at boot: sync problem between VMserver and condor services!?!

Another note on this:

If you install Condor and VMware server (1.0.9 in my case)
and manually add the services dependency as discussed before,
then Condor does not start anymore after uninstalling VMware.

When you check the services dependencies via
Control Panel -> Performance & Maintenance -> Administrative Tools -> Services,
the Condor dependency on VMware is gone, but using the regedit
command, you'll see that the dependency is actually still there.

I suppose this prevents Condor from starting, as it is now waiting for
a service which is never going to be started (I actually wonder if Windows
gets into an infinite waiting loop here that keeps running in the background
during the entire session....well possible....).

Hence: you must manually get rid of the dependency with the regedit command!