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Re: [Condor-users] Max. amount of Jobs in queue

I can only speak for the windows series - I would guess they aren't up
to the linux ones in that regard (certainly not with XP's silly 10 TCP
connection limit, now removed in Vista SP2) 

Hard numbers definitely depend on the load per job, the clustering (both
explicit and automatic) and how often you call condor_q (the latter is
the killer really)
This only really makes a difference if your schedd has many more
(hundreds) slots to run its jobs, otherwise its basically a limitation
of memory and disk.

Good vague rule of thumb - if you want to head into tens of thousands of
jobs and/or hundreds of execute slots you may want to consider whether
you should attempt to dristribute this load beyond a single queue...


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> On the 6.8 series the limit is more like 15K (and slightly lower on XP

> verses a server based install).

We've routinely pushed our Linux 6.8.x series schedds to 40,000 jobs
with about a 100:1 job:cluster ratio. With 500 startd's pulling and
running jobs from one schedd. The trick is auto-cluster configuration
and controlling the jobs coming in. You really want to keep a tight
reign on how jobs look when they enter the system. Lots of consistency
is important for good auto-clustering.

And you don't want anyone running condor_q calls against a schedd that's
working that hard.

> Hopefully you're on a seven series so the 150K sounds reasonable.

Or you can, as Matt pointed out, skip 6.x and save yourself all the
trouble. I think we only a handful of startd's you don't have a lot to
worry about.

- Ian

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