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Re: [Condor-users] condor_run question

Mag Gam wrote:

> Also, I noticed redhat.com, are you guys helping with condor?

We are! Condor is an upstream project for Red Hat Enterprise MRG.


   Red Hat and the University of Wisconsin have signed a strategic
   partnership to release Condor under an OSI License (making it
   possible to be included in open source distributions), and
   co-develop together to bring innovation from the research community
   to the enterprise. Condor has been in active development and used
   by a wide community since 1988. Now, based on their joint vision of
   advancing open source software, Red Hat and the University of
   Wisconsin are collaborating to add enhanced enterprise stability
   and functionality to Condor, add high throughput computing
   capabilities to Linux, and ultimately advance and strengthen the
   Condor project and community.