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Re: [Condor-users] "COLLECTOR address or hostname not specified in config file"


I have a similar problem, but with the Negotiator. Since we upgraded to 7.4.1 I have noticed that condor_userpio and condor_q -analyze (and perhaps some other commands as well) complain with:

angelv@vaso:/opt/condor$ condor_userprio
condor_userprio: NEGOTIATOR address or hostname not specified in config file

NEGOTIATOR_HOST is defined correctly, and a per the suggestion of David McBride I set the variable NEGOTIATOR_ADDRESS_FILE

angelv@vaso:/opt/condor$ condor_config_val NEGOTIATOR_ADDRESS_FILE

but I get no positive results and the .negotiator_address file is not created.

Any hints?

(I've been recycling the config files since version 6.x.x Could this be a problem and perhaps there is some conflicting information in there? I didn't have this problem with version 7.0.x)

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