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Re: [Condor-users] return of the KeyboardIdle bug ??

HI Todd,

Thanks for the quick reply - see inline below.



> To confirm
>    1. You are running Condor v7.4.2


>    2. Your condor_config has the line
>          KBDD_LOG = c:\NUL
>       (or d:\NUL ... whatever is a drive that exists)


>    3. Your registry tells Windows to run the condor_kbdd.exe upon login, aka
>       [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run]
> "CONDOR_KBDD"="c:\\condor\\bin\\condor_kbdd.exe"

OK this was missing after the MSI install so I put it in myself and logged out and in.

> Troubleshooting questions:
> - When you login, does the task manager show the condor_kbdd running?

It does now after the regedit.

> - With STARTD_DEUBG = D_COMMAND, do you see the "command_x_event"
> entries similar to the following in the StartLog when using the console
> of the machine?
> > 04/26 10:06:44 Received UDP command 427 (X_EVENT_NOTIFICATION) from
> > <xx.xx.xx.xx:1392>, access level ALLOW

Nope not with D_COMMAND and not even anything remotely like this with D_FULLDEBUG.
I'm wondering about the "access level ALLOW" bit - perhaps I have the authorisation settings too
tight ? Surely I'd still see something in the log even if the authorisation policy blocked the update.