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Re: [Condor-users] return of the KeyboardIdle bug ??

Smith, Ian wrote:

   3. Your registry tells Windows to run the condor_kbdd.exe upon login, aka

OK this was missing after the MSI install so I put it in myself and logged out and in.

Ok, I will look into the above...

Troubleshooting questions:
- When you login, does the task manager show the condor_kbdd running?

It does now after the regedit.


- With STARTD_DEUBG = D_COMMAND, do you see the "command_x_event"
entries similar to the following in the StartLog when using the console
of the machine?
04/26 10:06:44 Received UDP command 427 (X_EVENT_NOTIFICATION) from
<xx.xx.xx.xx:1392>, access level ALLOW

Nope not with D_COMMAND and not even anything remotely like this with D_FULLDEBUG.

This is a problem, and puzzling. (after setting STARTD_DEBUG = D_COMMAND I assume you did a condor_reconfig).

Lets see what the kbdd thinks it is doing... Could you change the config entry for KBDD_LOG from c:\NUL to be instead a local file that is world writable (i.e. somewhere any user can write), add "KBDD_DEBUG = D_ALL", logout and log back in (to get a new condor_kbdd instance), and finally pass along the resulting kbdd log file to me? The kbdd should be contacting the startd every ~5 seconds or so when it sees mouse or keyboard activity.

Another data point - it should work either way, but is the keyboard a physical keyboard or are you coming in via remote desktop or some such?

I'm wondering about the "access level ALLOW" bit - perhaps I have the authorisation settings too
tight ? Surely I'd still see something in the log even if the authorisation policy blocked the update.

The "access level ALLOW" bit is expected and desired in Condor v7.4.2. The idea is in earler versions folks were setting up authorization policies too tight, such that the startd was not accepting the message from the kbdd. In v7.4.2, the startd is hard-wired to always accept the X_EVENT_NOTIFICATION message from the kbdd to prevent against these sorts of configuration issues. To prevent against DoS attacks, however, the startd confirms that the message is coming from a local ip address.


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