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Re: [Condor-users] REQUIRE_LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE = False usage problem


Answering your questions:

>Are you sure the primary config file on the machine were you ran
>condor_status has "REQUIRE_LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE = False" ? I.e. you didn't
>just make this edit on the config file on your central manager?

Yes, I am sure. My CM is another machine. The configuration files I am changing is local condor_config.local of my personal machine.

Find attached the primary config file I am using. REQUIRE_LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE is commented (line 71), so it is assuming REQUIRE_LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE=True (as described in the documentation). After reading this file, it reads condor_config.local file (with the settings I submitted, an have also attached). The attached file is a Zip file, please change the file extension.


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30/08/2010 12:29

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Re: [Condor-users] REQUIRE_LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE = False usage problem

kschwarz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am using Condor v7.2.4, Windows, and I am testing
> I am trying to define a default configuration file in a shared
> filesystem while a host specific config file does not exist, both files
> referenced in the host local config file.
> When local Config file is as follow:
> myshareserver  = SMBSJK21
> #
>         $(LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE), \
> \\$(myshareserver)\grid_env\CONDOR\1-start\condor_config.master.DEFAULT, \
> \\$(myshareserver)\grid_env\CONDOR\1-start\condor_config.master.$(HOSTNAME)
> and the last referenced file does not exist, Condor does not start
> because it could not find that file.
> When I execute any Condor command they give an error message saying that
> that file was not found.
> C:\Users\kschwarz>condor_status
> ERROR: Can't read config source
> \\SMBSJK21\grid_env\CONDOR\1-start\condor_config.master.PC303344
> REQUIRE_LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE is supposed to avoid this problem, correct?!


> How could I fix it?

FWIW, I just tried to reproduce the problem you describe above (albeit
using a more current release of Condor), and failed to do so.
REQUIRE_LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE worked as expected w/ Condor v7.5.x, and
nothing in the version history or source repository lead me to think
there was some bug with this functionality back w/ v7.2.x.

Are you sure the primary config file on the machine were you ran
condor_status has "REQUIRE_LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE = False" ?  I.e. you didn't
just make this edit on the config file on your central manager?


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