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Re: [Condor-users] REQUIRE_LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE = False usage problem

kschwarz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:


Answering your questions:

 >Are you sure the primary config file on the machine were you ran
 >condor_status has "REQUIRE_LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE = False" ? I.e. you didn't
 >just make this edit on the config file on your central manager?

Yes, I am sure.

My CM is another machine. The configuration files I am changing is local condor_config.local of my personal machine.

Find attached the primary config file I am using.

In the attached files, your primary config file (aka not a file specificed in LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE) has REQUIRE_LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE = True (by default), and the a local config file resets it to be REQUIRE_LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE = False.

The issue is the value of REQUIRE_LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE can only be set in your primary config file; it cannot be overridden in a local config file specified in LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE. I understand why you ran into trouble - this situation is non-obvious and confusing, but it is the current state of things. I will see about a quick patch to make REQUIRE_LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE work the same way as all the other settings, but in the meantime, you'll need to edit your primary config file appropriately.