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Re: [Condor-users] condor_rooster

You must either specify the MAC address on the command-line to condor_power using the -m option, or you must use the -i option and dump the machine ClassAd as input to condor_power.

Does that help?


Tom T wrote:
C:\>condor\bin\condor_power -d
03/03 13:35:10 UdpWakeOnLanWaker: no hardware address (MAC) defined
condor_power: failed to sent wake packet.
why it is not reading the mac address?
Here is my classad
HibernationLevel = 0
HibernationState = "NONE"
HibernationSupportedStates = ""
CanHibernate = True
HardwareAddress = "00:14:22:51:BF:06"
SubnetMask = ""
IsWakeOnLanSupported = TRUE
IsWakeOnLanEnabled = TRUE
IsWakeAble = TRUE
WakeOnLanSupportedFlags = "Magic Packet"
WakeOnLanEnabledFlags = "Magic Packet"


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