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Re: [Condor-users] Minimal Condor Install

Thank you, I've already read the page, but there is no information about which files each daemon require to work, so I cannot decide which files to delete and which to keep. 
Running a list(ls) and find commands, I found there are 69 .dbg files inside the installed folder, this files uses: 489,084,441 bytes of disk, can I delete them? or are required by their daemons?

Thank you.

This are the DBG files:
Size (bytes)   File
  6409727 ./libexec/condor_chirp.dbg
  6555625 ./libexec/power_state.dbg
  7691155 ./libexec/condor_rooster.dbg
  6403962 ./libexec/condor_glexec_wrapper.dbg
  6404666 ./libexec/condor_glexec_job_wrapper.dbg
10970869 ./libexec/condor_job_router.dbg
  6496177 ./libexec/rsh.dbg
  6407202 ./libexec/condor_ckpt_probe.dbg
  6548682 ./sbin/condor_preen.dbg
  8499362 ./sbin/condor_shadow.dbg
  7764023 ./sbin/condor_transferer.dbg
  7702476 ./sbin/condor_hdfs.dbg
  6504488 ./sbin/condor_store_cred.dbg
  6548424 ./sbin/uniq_pid_command.dbg
  6499258 ./sbin/gt42_gahp.dbg
  6522556 ./sbin/condor.dbg
  8359757 ./sbin/condor_collector.dbg
  7136519 ./sbin/condor_shadow.std.dbg
  6495379 ./sbin/unicore_gahp.dbg
10073023 ./sbin/condor_vm-gahp.dbg
  7773873 ./sbin/condor_dbmsd.dbg
    442854 ./sbin/condor_procd.dbg
  7852573 ./sbin/condor_replication.dbg
  7700611 ./sbin/condor_c-gahp.dbg
  6499185 ./sbin/gt4_gahp.dbg
  7821879 ./sbin/condor_master.dbg
  2023828 ./sbin/gahp_server.dbg
  6503459 ./sbin/condor_advertise.dbg
  8983909 ./sbin/condor_starter.dbg
  8016017 ./sbin/condor_transferd.dbg
  8201349 ./sbin/amazon_gahp.dbg
  6493685 ./sbin/condor_convert_history.dbg
  7892734 ./sbin/condor_quill.dbg
  8978572 ./sbin/condor_startd.dbg
  7744373 ./sbin/condor_startd_factory.dbg
  7933912 ./sbin/condor_c-gahp_worker_thread.dbg
  6886177 ./sbin/condor_ckpt_server.dbg
  6501386 ./sbin/condor_fetchlog.dbg
  9899277 ./sbin/condor_schedd.dbg
  9130689 ./sbin/condor_gridmanager.dbg
  7996473 ./sbin/condor_negotiator.dbg
  9188888 ./sbin/condor_credd.dbg
  6850446 ./sbin/condor_starter.std.dbg
  7759334 ./sbin/condor_had.dbg
    146216 ./sbin/condor_root_switchboard.dbg
  6513780 ./bin/condor_findhost.dbg
  6498731 ./bin/condor_stats.dbg
  6493094 ./bin/condor_version.dbg
  6830922 ./bin/condor_userlog.dbg
  8638458 ./bin/condor_q.dbg
  6510180 ./bin/condor_power.dbg
  6719285 ./bin/condor_qedit.dbg
  6511236 ./bin/condor_config_val.dbg
  6794813 ./bin/condor_userlog_job_counter.dbg
  6627545 ./bin/condor_history.dbg
  8062362 ./bin/condor_submit_dag.dbg
  7191168 ./bin/condor_submit.dbg
  8074574 ./bin/condor_check_userlogs.dbg
  6615290 ./bin/condor_dump_history.dbg
  6553517 ./bin/condor_cod.dbg
  6628988 ./bin/condor_status.dbg
  6612472 ./bin/condor_load_history.dbg
  9734533 ./bin/condor_dagman.dbg
  6770928 ./bin/condor_ssh_to_job.dbg
  6727167 ./bin/condor_transfer_data.dbg
  6725686 ./bin/condor_prio.dbg
  6809395 ./bin/condor_wait.dbg
  6723689 ./bin/condor_rm.dbg
  6501599 ./bin/condor_userprio.dbg

On Tue, May 18, 2010 at 11:48 AM, Todd Tannenbaum <tannenba@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Edier Alberto Zapata Hernández wrote:
Good morning,

 We want to deploy a Condor's cluster inside virtual machines with VirtualBox, but we need to get the virtual machine's image as small as possible, then I have this questions:

1. Is there any way to remove parts from condor's package to reduce its installed size?
2. If so, where can I find the information required to do this?
3. Is any document where list the files used by each universe so we can remove the non used universes?

Thank you very much.

If you haven't looked at it already, section 3.1 of the Condor Manual may be useful.  For instance, it describes the function of each Condor daemon and talks about which daemons are needed based upon the role of a machine (submit node, execute node, central manager, etc).


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