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Re: [Condor-users] Looking for something like CpuBusy for Disk

> True, startd cron's can (and have) been used to do all sorts of things - but I haven't seen one applied to do host-level concurrency limits (successfully).  The "cron"/timeperiod nature makes doing resource counters unsafe for resource reservation.  Do you have an example of one of those, or is it (like I currently believe) a gap in functionality that you end up having to build up custom slot types around to handle?
> For instance, say I have a SAN-attached host and want to enable no more than 3 concurrent SAN IO jobs while also enabling other job types. Today I'd have to set up a special partitionable slot with a SAN attribute and start expression to only allow SAN jobs and do something like dedicating 3 CPU's and some amount of RAM towards that partitionable slot.  Or make 3 SAN slots with dedicated memory resources.  And then add a partitionable slot for all remaining CPU, memory, and local disk resourcse.  There's no way to apply a "SAN" resource counter, and no way to alter the number "3" live based on actual SAN link utilization or storage subsystem latency.  Right?

This may be what you are looking for, "3.13.14 Concurrency Limits":