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Re: [Condor-users] Condor 7.4.4 on win7 - starts but does not participate in Condor Grid

> What exactly does "stop working" mean?

Apologies for repeating myself, but I stated that:

>> the service starter is managing to fire up condor_master
>> (becasue all the executable are running)

>> The win 7 test box no longer seems to be talking back to
>> the master

so by "not working", I mean that ALL the condor executables that
get started when the condor service is started have started and
are running BUT the machine is not talking back to the master.

My supposition is that the way in which the service is starting
sees an access denial to those elements of the environment, hive
keys, that would point condor executables to the config file,
which is just in the usual (?) place:


and so they have started but don't know where they are supposed
to be sending their info.

> What does the master log say?

During the brief period when someone with access to it was in my
office and I so I was able to see it, it said that it started
the service.

I'll try and get a copy for you.

Here's a question for you though:

 If the condor service executables can't "see" a config file, can
 they just start and spin, doing nothing, or should they fail to
 start and report the fact?


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