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Re: [Condor-users] Condor 7.4.4 hibernating with logged in local user


Are you using condor_kbdd? This daemon is used to detect X keyboard activity.


On 11/23/11 4:21 AM, Ian Cottam wrote:
The ShouldHibernate line below does not seem to be enough to stop our
Linux/64 PCs sleeping whilst in use by someone (logged in) locally using
the keyboard/mouse/screen.

TimeToWait = 600
ShouldHibernate = KeyboardIdle>  $(StartIdleTime)&&  $(CPUidle)&&
$(StateTimer)>  $(TimeToWait)&&  (State == "Unclaimed" || State == "Owner")
HibernateState = "RAM"
HIBERNATE = ifThenElse( $(ShouldHibernate), $(HibernateState), "NONE" )

Any suggestions of what to add to prevent such?

ps: my apologies if someone already replied to this, but I can't find
my previous email on the subject