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Re: [Condor-users] condor username (first-name.last-name) conflict with group name - or what?

On Mon, 2011-09-12 at 09:08 +0300, Sassy Natan wrote:

My problem is the all my users are in that form of firstname.lastname
and I can't do anything about this.

Is there any workaround solution? Like manual mapping user X to Y so
sassy.natan will translate into sassy_natan?

As an example of possibilities, I got this scheme to work on my sandbox:

# put this in your condor config file:
SUBMIT_EXPRS = AccountingGroup
AccountingGroup = strcat(GroupName, ".", ifThenElse(regexps("(.*)\.(.*)", Owner, "\1_\2") =!= "", regexps("(.*)\.(.*)", Owner, "\1_\2"), Owner))

# add this to your job file:
+GroupName = "group.subgroup"

Condor will automatically construct "AccountingGroup" from GroupName and Owner, with "." in Owner replaced by "_"

The best solution will probably depend on who (or what) is currently setting the "+AccountingGroup" value in your job submission files.

P.S can u point me to the RFEs? (gogggggle it and found nothing)

There are no tickets currently associated with these.   It might be more accurate to call them "A couple ideas I suggested to somebody at some point" instead of "RFE