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[HTCondor-users] Unable to extract GSI FQAN on Schedd


I'm having a problem with getting our Schedd to extract GSI Proxy FQAN information and do not know how to troubleshoot the issue any further.

I'm remote submitting to our schedd and have a voms proxy. The Schedd is setup to extract FQAN information (with USE_VOMS_ATTRIBUTES = TRUE ) but is unable to do so [1]. I wasn't able to find out what the error code 14 stands for. The relevant FQAN information definitely exists in my proxy, I can query it correctly on the machine I'm submitting from [2]. Initializing the proxy without the subrole will change the error to the return code for 'no FQAN found' as expected [3].
Extracting the DN itself works flawlessly.

The proxy was created using glite-UI 3.2.11-1 voms-proxy-init.


[1] ScheddLog
ZKM: VOMS FQAN not present (error 14), ignoring.

[2]$ voms-proxy-info -fqan

[3] ScheddLog
ZKM: VOMS FQAN not present (error 1), ignoring.