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Re: [Condor-users] [SOLVED] Flocking problem...

> Hi,
> I have a problem with flocking between two linux master PCs. Here is what I have in the respective logs:
> Linux Master (condor version 7.4.2) with many pool PCs. This is its NegotiatorLog:
> [snip]
> Another Linux Master (condor version 7.7.3) with a user "weenee" as weenee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> This one has no pool PCs, but can flock to previous master. This is its SchedLog:
> 02/14/12 20:22:55 (pid:1649) Using negotiation protocol: NEGOTIATE
> 02/14/12 20:22:55 (pid:1649) Can't receive negotiation header
> Does somebody have a clue what is the problem here?
> Is there a condor version problem?

I removed condor and reinstalled it; that solved the problem......but still no idea what was going wrong here....