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Re: [Condor-users] Adding machines to condor pool

Have you extracted the condor binaries to /home/spervez1/condor?

--install-dir is presuming the binaries are in the current directory, Are you executing the script in the directory containing the extracted binaries? Can the user you are installing is read the condor binaries and write to the directory?

Also condor_configure is a newer version of the condor_install script and is preferred.
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Subject: [Condor-users] Adding machines to condor pool

I’m having some newbie trouble adding a machine to my condor pool. I wanted to set up a very simple pool of 3 machines, all of which are on a shared file system. I am able to install condor on my master and successfully submit simple jobs. The problem starts when I try to install the same condor binaries on the second machine. Here’s what happens…

ld-chhfe02:/home/spervez1/condor $ condor_install --install-dir=$HOME/condor --local-dir=/home/spervez1/condor/local.ld-chhfe02 --type=execute
Missing release directories (looking in /home/spervez1/condor/sbin):
Unable to find some release directories.
  Please specify the correct location of these with
--install=<path to release directories> or make sure it's
in the current directory

Does anyone know what is going on here? For some reason condor is looking for the binaries in …/condor/sbin when it should just be looking for them in …/condor/. I’ve looked endlessly for a config variable that I might have set wrongly but no luck. I’d appreciate any pointers on where to start looking. Thanks!


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