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Re: [Condor-users] not seeing Windows 7 CPUs

Quoting "Wilding, Kevan A" <kwilding@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

We run a number of Windows 7 clients without any problem. The only thing which caused problems in the first place was the condor service starting before the firewall. There is a delayed start up for Condor which fixes this problem. There is also a programmatical way to do this, but in the first instance you can do this manually on one machine to check this. Another test would be to stop and start the condor service after the machine has rebooted, i.e. net stop condor, and net start condor. We used to have a script to do this on a bunch of XP machines to get around this problem, but the delayed start for Condor on Win7 should do the trick.

Restarting the service fixed the problem of the Windows 7 computer's CPUs not being recognized or used, ONCE. The CPUs appeared after following your procedure, but after seeing the CPUs listed and attempting to use them, I then restarted the master and repeated the stop and restart process and haven't been able to repeat the first (partial) success.

However, the attempt to use the Win7 CPUs while they were recognized in the pool was not successful. While I saw the execute directories being generated and removed as the jobs were submitted to and supposedly run on the computer, the results files were not sent back to the master and my monitoring program waited "forever" for them to complete, but the directories were long since removed from the execute directory.

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In the pool I have been asking about, the condor_cred mechanism is not currently enabled, which is apparently okay with Windows XP clients. The master runs Windows 7, but the Condor-working clients are Windows XP. The only computer that doesn't work with this Condor pool is running Windows 7.

All the other potentially available machines are also Windows 7. If I'm to add any other machines to this Condor pool, I need to learn / figure out how to get Windows 7 computers to work within the Condor pool.

As I have mentioned before, when I run condor_status from the master, any of the XP, or the one Win7 computers that are supposedly in the pool, they all see the same information. The Win7 computer's CPU slots don't show up in any of the listings, so they are not used to run jobs either.

If any Windows 7 machines are clients in a Condor pool, does the condor_cred mechanism have to be used due to, e.g., problems with the low-privilege account normally used?

Are there any other log files or information I need to post to help all of you so we can understand why this Win7 computer is not working with Condor?