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Re: [HTCondor-users] Troubles with KeyBoardBusy function


This problem is solve, I've just forgot the condor_confi.local which have 
some options uncomment incompatible with my options in condor_config file.

But I've some new problems, firstly I want to do some policy with the CPU 
That I want is :
For example on a quad-core machine, 
- use 3 cores to run job and 1 core be free for user all the time. (that it's 
ok with MAX_NUM_CPU)
- if the user need more than 1 core (for example his core is used more than 
80%) condor suspend a job to give 1 core to the owner
- if the user need more than 2 core, condor give 1 more etc...

I don't succeed to suspend running job slot by slot, if you have some ideas 
to do this ?

Second problem, I try to submit BLAST job with this kind of file to submit:
universe                = vanilla
executable              = /usr/bin/makeblastdb
arguments               = -in /xxx/xxx/xxx.fna -dbtype nucl -out /xxx/xxx/xxx

The job is launch and run 1 second and after nothing more, it's don't create 
the file it should..
I try to authorize file transfer etc... but nothing more

Thank you