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Re: [HTCondor-users] Job Submission in Parallel Universe

On 4/9/2013 2:45 AM, Muak rules wrote:

Will you plz tell me in which file I should add this

    Scheduler = "DedicatedScheduler@MY_USERNAME@Server.Name.Cleaned"

as I'm not finding this entry in "condor_config" and "condor_config.local"

It could be added to either, but I would suggest condor_config.local.

You may want to read a few pages in the HTCondor Manual to understand how the config files work.

Also, you may want to look at some example config files that came with HTCondor itself in the examples directory; specifically:

These file contain example settings to setup parallel universe submission; the first one contains settings to add to your execute nodes, the second contains settings to add to your submit node.

Where exactly this directory lives depends on what distro you are using and/or how you installed HTCondor (tar file? RPM?). For instance, if you did an RPM based install the above files are likely sitting in
(or course, the version number after 'condor-' may be different).