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Re: [HTCondor-users] Group Quotas and Preemption

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> So, in essence, you rely on artificially tweaking user priorities to trigger
> preemption, while I would like it to occur whenever actual usage is not
> according to the group quotas.

Getting exactly that behavior may not be possible, because job preemption cannot happen until a submitter's priority-value drops below the priority of the submitter currently occupying the slot.  That logic is hard-coded:

It is possible to alter the rate at which prio-values evolve, by reconfiguring PRIORITY_HALFLIFE:

That can at least reduce the latencies of waiting for priority values to become favorable for preemption.

Another possible approach would be to configure similar quota-preserving clauses onto the slot rank preemption, which is not contingent on priority values:

However, to obtain a global policy in that way, the RANK expression would have to be applied to every slot.  possibly a job for wallaby:

I have another post that is not probably not directly applicable to your problem, but does demonstrate per-slot RANK configurations: