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Re: [HTCondor-users] not starting jobs in condor ver 8.3.6

	The collector reported:

PERMISSION DENIED to unauthenticated@unmapped from host
for command 10 (QUERY_STARTD_PVT_ADS), access level NEGOTIATOR: reason:
NEGOTIATOR authorization policy contains no matching ALLOW entry for this
request; identifiers used for this host:,oswrk121.lns.mit.edu,oswrk121, hostname size = 2, original
ip address =

so ALLOW_NEGOTIATOR and ALLOW_NEGOTIATOR_SCHEDD must have had some previous, existing setting. (Perhaps a default, probably CONDOR_HOST.)

# master needs this two particular versions
ALLOW_READ = *.lns.mit.edu,10.200.60.*
ALLOW_WRITE = *.lns.mit.edu,10.200.60.*

# Fix to version 8.3.6 suggested by ToddL
ALLOW_NEGOTIATOR = 10.200.60.*

Try something like the following, instead.

ALLOW_NEGOTIATOR = *.lns.mit.edu, 10.200.60.*

- ToddM