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[HTCondor-users] possible change to DAGMAN_ALWAYS_RUN_POST default

Dear HTCondor users:

We are planning to change the default value for the DAGMAN_ALWAYS_RUN_POST
configuration macro back to False at some point in the 8.5 series.  (This
would mean that a DAG node's POST script will no longer be run if the PRE script fails.)

We now feel that this will provide behavior that is more intuitive than the current default value of True, which means that a POST script is run even if the PRE script fails. (Note that if the PRE script fails, the actual HTCondor job associated with the node is *not* run.) One concern is that, if a POST script is not checking the PRE script return value, it may be erroneously reporting that a node succeeded, when the node actually failed.

DAGMAN_ALWAYS_RUN_POST had originally defaulted to False; the default
was changed to True in 7.7.2. We would like to know if changing the default back to False will cause problems for anyone.

Kent Wenger