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Re: [HTCondor-users] Scratch space and input subdirectories

From: John M Knoeller <johnkn@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 02/17/2016 04:45 PM
> In the $INT() macro, what ever is after the , is passed as a printf
> formatter string,   so you can do

>     $INT(Process,_%d_)
> To get
>    _1_
> Etc.
> So we preserve the leading space in this case because you might want to
> have it,  and it âprobablyâ wonât matter

> On the output side.  The exception, of course is when you are token
> pasting as you are there.

> On the other hand, because we allow for arbitrary printf formats, you
> could also do this.

> remote_initialdir = $INT(Process, case=%d)
> -tj

That winds up looking for a directory with a space at the beginning of the name. :) We've got it working now, thanks!

I think that where I was going awry is that I was thinking of the $INT() as a function, rather than a macro. When I realized it's akin to the Bash brace expansion syntax instead of a function call, the incorporation of the whitespace made sense.

        -Michael Pelletier.