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Re: [HTCondor-users] startd doesn't start

Actually in my installation the condor user is installed with whatever number comes next. I thought the numbers on the head and the nodes were the same but now that I look at it they are not, they are all different

condor:x:498:497:Owner of HTCondor Daemons:/var/lib/condor:/sbin/nologin
condor:x:494:494:Owner of HTCondor Daemons:/var/lib/condor:/sbin/nologin
condor:x:497:495:Owner of HTCondor Daemons:/var/lib/condor:/sbin/nologin

and it still works without setting CONDOR_IDS


On 20/03/2017 19:28, Michael Pelletier wrote:
For what it's worth, CentOS / Red Hat has assigned uid/gid 64 to the "condor" user and group in /usr/share/doc/setup*/uidgid.

	-Michael Pelletier.

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I've a salt state that creates them as part of condor installation. So far they
haven't clashed with any existing ids, but I usually do a fresh os install when I
roll out a condor node and there aren't many existing ids there yet at that

I'm sure you can do it with the others (chef/puppet/ansible) too.
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