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Re: [HTCondor-users] a segfault at the very onset

On 5/23/2017 10:30 AM, lejeczek wrote:

yep, for those of us who just try to kickstart it, but maybe for everybody - selinux selinux pray to your selinux and listen what it says.
selinux kicks condor so hard that it segfaults.
On centos7 though there is a module in default policy, 'dontaudit' reveals more denials, and a quick fix is to "permissive condor_schedd_t"

You may have had better luck with a more recent version of HTCondor. v8.3.8 is pretty old (~1.5yrs) at the rate things move in the world of Linux, and HTCondor development is pretty active. For instance, I believe starting with v8.4.10+ defaults for HTCondor have been updated for a better out-of-box experience with SELinux. For instance, see

If you are just starting out w/ HTCondor, I'd suggest the latest stable series release available at the HTCondor home page - repos are at
You can find this page by going to "http://htcondor.org";, click on "Download" from the top menu, then click on the first link which is "install HTCondor from a repository".