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Re: [HTCondor-users] job transform: change requirement condition?

Hi all,

unfortunately, I have to bother you again about all the transforms...

I am still trying to get my head around the regexp{s} - in the attached
transform rule I am trying to re/set DiskUsage (as example)
  DiskUsage = 2500000
to something else ~~> 3300000
so I assume that
  EVALMACRO tmp.MyReq = regexps("25",unparse(DiskUsage),"33")
would first take the value of 'DiskUsage' and replace '25' by '33' -
however, if I run the rule on the classad [1] the 'whole value' 2500000
get's replaced as 33.
Is there a way to go just for
  '25'00000 --> '33'00000

Cheers and thanks,

> condor_transform_ads -verbose -rules example.rule example.classad
EVALMACRO tmp.MyReq to regexps("25",unparse(DiskUsage),"33")
          tmp.MyReq = 33
SET Requirements to 33
DiskUsage = 2500000
Requirements = 33
ResidentSetSize = 500

one thing I noted, that condor_transform_ads -verbose exits without any
message and exit code 0 if the input 'class ads' use something dynamic as
  output  = /OUT/PATH/mypayload_$(Cluster)_$(Process).out
i.e., when trying a submission set directly - which in hindsight is
comprehensible but irritated me for a minute ;)

probably, condor_transform_ads could throw an error, if it encounters
something unparsable in the context?
ResidentSetSize = 500
DiskUsage = 2500000
REQUIREMENTS DiskUsage == 2500000
# EVALMACRO tmp.MyReq = regexps("Disk",unparse(DiskUsage),"33")
EVALMACRO tmp.MyReq = regexps("25",DiskUsage,"33")
SET Requirements $(tmp.MyReq)

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