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Re: [HTCondor-users] sudo / package installation inside a docker container inside a user job


Dimitri does have a good point. But I understand your problem. I help maintain the Singularity containers we build for our users [1].

One possibility you might consider is using miniconda [2] to install additional packages in  userspace, if the user's HOME directory or some scratch space available to the job is large enough to handle installations of packages like TensorFlow. I actually install miniconda by default in our base containers for this purpose myself. e.g., see [3] [4].

I know this isn't a Docker-native solution. But that's how I might do it with Singularity. 










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On 6/13/19 3:07 PM, Gergely Debreczeni via HTCondor-users wrote:
> python3, tensorflow, gnuplot, etc... nothing special, in principle they could be installed in advance, but each user group has different requirements and we don't want to manage / maintain so many different docker image...

Is reproduce/repet-ability a concern? You may get a different new
version of $foo on every run if you do this; "immutable" is one of the
buzzwords in docker's sales pitch.

Dimitri Maziuk
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