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Re: [HTCondor-users] What would be the recommended way to install an HTCondor-CE and a personal HTCondor on the same host?

On 3/10/20 3:31 AM, Jose Caballero wrote:
>> if you want, for testing/dev purposes, have both a personal condor and
>> the CE on the same host (Centos6 or 7), what would be the recommended
>> way to install it?
> I believe I misread/misused the term "personal condor".
> I was looking for having an entire pool in one host (schedd, CM,
> startd), for testing purposes. I believe now that is not what the term
> "personal condor" refers to...
> Is it possible to set DAEMON_LIST = ALL? That would be helpful?
> Cheers,
> Jose

Hi Jose,

Yes, technically a "personal condor" is a single-node condor pool
run by a non-root user, but we've been guilty of misusing it to mean
a single-node condor pool in general.

Case in point: the following in your condor config will give you a
single-node condor:

  use role: personal

this currently expands to


Alternatively, if you're using an RPM-based install, you can yum
install "minicondor" which will give you a config file containing
that plus some performance tuning and making it only listen on the
local interface.

Brian/someone, do you know if it's possible to hook up a CE to
a minicondor?