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Re: [HTCondor-users] What would be the recommended way to install an HTCondor-CE and a personal HTCondor on the same host?

It could work if the CE maps all of its jobs to the same user that's running the minicondor. Can't say I've actually tried this out, yet, though.

Jose, I would just install the 'condor' RPM and not worry about the mincondor case.

- Brian

On 3/10/20 4:34 PM, MÃtyÃs Selmeci wrote:
On 3/10/20 3:31 AM, Jose Caballero wrote:
if you want, for testing/dev purposes, have both a personal condor and
the CE on the same host (Centos6 or 7), what would be the recommended
way to install it?

I believe I misread/misused the term "personal condor".
I was looking for having an entire pool in one host (schedd, CM,
startd), for testing purposes. I believe now that is not what the term
"personal condor" refers to...
Is it possible to set DAEMON_LIST = ALL? That would be helpful?

Hi Jose,

Yes, technically a "personal condor" is a single-node condor pool
run by a non-root user, but we've been guilty of misusing it to mean
a single-node condor pool in general.

Case in point: the following in your condor config will give you a
single-node condor:

   use role: personal

this currently expands to


Alternatively, if you're using an RPM-based install, you can yum
install "minicondor" which will give you a config file containing
that plus some performance tuning and making it only listen on the
local interface.

Brian/someone, do you know if it's possible to hook up a CE to
a minicondor?