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Re: [HTCondor-users] force certain type of jobs to run on an specific startd

hi Todd,

I think I see why you didn't want users to mess with the Job transformations :)
Do you have any comments on my other questions? Basically, if I can
have multiple blocks [ ] [ ] inside a JOB_TRANSFORM?
I guess it would be cleaner to split it into different
My main problem is that they need to processed in order, and once a
job have been successfully handled by one block, it should not be
analyzed by the others. Makes sense?


El lun., 11 may. 2020 a las 12:53, Todd L Miller
(<tlmiller@xxxxxxxxxxx>) escribiÃ:
> > However, it is not there. I guess it is not that simple :)
>         Job transformations take place in the schedd, so changes to user
> config wouldn't have any effect on it.  (This decision was very deliberate
> -- it's the only way for a schedd administrator to be _sure_ that every
> job in the queue went through the transforms.)
>         On the other hand, if you just want to test job transforms, you
> can run your own personal condor and submit test jobs to that.
> - ToddM
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