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Re: [HTCondor-users] how to refer to executable not existing in the submitters context?

Hi Thomas,

The executable is treated different from other "input" files. I think you want transfer_executable = False

transfer_executable = <True | False>Â
This command is applicable to jobs submitted to the grid and vanilla universes. If transfer_executable is set to False, then HTCondor looks for the executable on the remote machine, and does not transfer the executable over. This is useful for an already pre-staged executable; HTCondor behaves more like rsh. The default value is True.

On Wed, May 27, 2020 at 8:12 AM Thomas Hartmann <thomas.hartmann@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi all,

I am a bit at a loss here, but how can I refer to an executable, that
does not exists on the submitter's context.

I.e., I have a Singularity container where the executable is available under
that exists just in the container's context. The job is submitted with
the Singularity image as target.

Also with 'should_transfer_files = NO', condor_submit fails with [1],
since the executable does not exists under the path at submission.

Christoph suggested a detour via /bin/bash as executable and the actual
script/application as argument [2] - which is a bit hacky, but works ;)

So, I wonder if there is a better(?) way/what am I missing here?


ERROR: Executable file /opt/spark/sbin/start-slave.sh does not exist

> test.submit
should_transfer_files = NO
Executable  Â= /usr/bin/bash
arguments   = "/opt/spark/sbin/start-slave.sh --port 3100 ..."
Queue 1
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