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Re: [HTCondor-users] how to refer to executable not existing in the submitters context?

Hi Mark,

in principle yes - but in the longer run our plan our plan is to deploy
the container via our local CVMFS repo, so that we can avoid staging and
the generic shared fs.
Currently we are testing the expanded container dir tree on a shared fs
until everything works and we can commit it as stable into CVMFS

btw: we just fiddled around with binaries and are looking for a way around.
A script+interpreter was somewhat more straight forward, but with a
binary the Condor job runs into trouble. I tried a way around like [1]
to convince the shell to execute the binary.
However, it failed with
  /usr/bin/bash: $(/usr/bin/sleep: No such file or directory
(is the closing bracket a thing??)

In the container, sleep etc. exist and I can run '/usr/bin/bash
$(/usr/bin/sleep 600)' successfully.


Executable            = /usr/bin/bash
arguments             = "$(/usr/bin/sleep 600)"
should_transfer_files = NO

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