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[HTCondor-users] CondorCE: FileSystemDomain ignored for Grid Jobs?

Hi all,

we are investigating, why some jobs do not get negotiated in time and on the way I stumbled over jobs, that got submitted from the VO to our CE with a `FileSystemDomain` requirement.

Since some of the jobs with this requirement started [1], I guess it is ignored in the grid universe, or?

(tbh it makes not much sense to require it in grid workflows from my experiences...)


> condor_ce_q 9069.0 -af JobStatus RoutedToJobId FileSystemDomain
2 10995.0 can68kc.cc.kek.jp

> condor_q 10995.0 -af JobStatus RoutedToJobId FileSystemDomain
2 undefined can68kc.cc.kek.jp

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