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Re: [condor-users] Transferring input files with Condor-G usingGlobusRSL

OK, to isolate the problem I've reduced the problem to just submitting a
Condor-G job to the basic fork jobmanager on a remote gatekeeper and ask
for an input file (which isn't even used by the "Hello world" job) to be
sent over. The submission file looks like:

Executable       = hello.sh
Universe         = globus
Globusscheduler  = silica.esc.cam.ac.uk/jobmanager
transfer_input_files = NVT_param
transfer_files   = ALWAYS

Error           = err
Output          = out
Log             = log

On the submitting machine I get:
tempo 35% condor_submit job
Submitting job(s)
ERROR: Can't open "/home/mcal00/condor_g/fork/NVT_param"  with flags 00

Is there an obvious reason associated with this error message? The file
is globally readable. 

Thanks for any help,


ps. When I try submitting the exact same job the other way round, i.e.
from silica to tempo,then it works fine! Both machines run GT 2.4.3,
with silica (irix) running condor 6.4.5 and tempo (linux) runs condor

On Mon, 2003-11-03 at 20:36, James Frey wrote:
> You didn't say which log you see the error in, but I believe the error is
> coming from condor_submit (when the globus jobmanager tries to submit your
> job to the remote pool). When you use the "condorsubmit" attribute with
> "GlobusRSL" in your local submit file, you're telling globus to blindly
> add lines to the submit file it uses to submit the job to the remote
> condor pool. Neither condor-g nor globus tries to interpret the values you
> specify, so the remote condor_submit is being told about input files that
> are valid on your local machine.
> For this to work, you need use only the filenames (no path information) in
> the GlobusRSL, and list the files in your condor-g submit file using
> transfer_input_files. Then condor-g will ask globus to stage the files and
> the remote condor_submit should find them (relative to the remote initial
> working directory).

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